Spring-Time Mew


12 aussies going to hawaii?!?!?1

we rock.

8 out of 11 from my team going to hawaii, thats so fucking awesom.

7 for the main event, woot plus 7 more for grinder. haha.

Marcus R (VIC)
Jason W (me) (QLD)
Sam H (QLD)
Jayson C (NSW)
Shaun M (QLD)
Philip M (TAS)

Johno H (QLD)?
Aaron C (VIC)
Andrew C (VIC)
Sean T (VIC)?
James C (NSW)
Alan J (QLD)


8 weeks to go! we gonna rock!
Spring-Time Mew


ok, i think i should get out of boredeem and start doing with my livejournal.

most of the time im going to post interesting or amusing or amzing stuff.

first of all, the very same person i ripped back in septermber have quitted and sold his stuff to me for $500 but mind you, HE GOT RIPPED ONCE AGAIN.

He has 46 exs + 200+ holos for $500.... mmmm $10 exs lol.